2 comments on “The House Of Cards – Part One

  1. Vairay Naice!

    1) Why ‘Alan’ again? Rather, why do you hate him to the extent that you want to inflict pain on him in every single story?
    2) I’m guessing he’ll die soon.
    3) Heavy Rain! D:
    4) Kazakhistan is the no.1 exporter of Potassium.

  2. 1) Lol, I actually use ‘too much’ of Alan much because he’s a fragment of my dreams. I see him as a self-created idol and often consider Alan as myself. Albeit you’ve got a considerable point, too much Alan is boring. I’ll change the name.
    2) I don’t want to give any spoilers 😛
    3) Indeed. Origami killer too
    4) All other countries got inferior Potassium.

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