5 comments on “DC: The New 52… A year on

  1. Batman and all the comics related or similar to it are my favourite ones as well. I love comics with a dark style and urban setting, with the “pulpy noir feel” the Batman titles usually have.
    You wrote you’ve been reading only the more famous DC titles, since the New 52 started: I suggest you to widen your reads, because DC is publishing a lot of series which are not linked to an iconic character like Superman and Batman, but are simply gorgeous. Animal Man and Team 7, for example, are pure awesomeness. And the TP of Grifter I bought last month was a very good read as well. I don’t want to use the word “masterpiece” because, like the word “cult”, nowadays everybody employs it too often, so it lost a lot of its significance, but I was on the verge of using it for that TP.

    • i think you’ll like american vampire (also written by Snyder) and hellblazer (but something tells me you’ve already read these).
      Yea i’ve heard good things about Animal Man and Swamp Thing… i’ve also started branching out to vertigo. Already read American Vampire, Hellblazer and now i’m reading Sandman. Guess i’ll give grifter a go as well

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