-Unleashing The Pandas-

They're here, meaner, stronger, rougher, bad-er than ever, the Pandas are here to talk about anything they want. You're here to read everything they write. To munch on the bamboo shoots we grow for you.

What does this blog feature?


Bamboo Leaves – Worthy Quotes from poets, authors, philosophers, pandas, prophets and God.

AnimaniacsOtaku Paradise!

– Mid-Night Snacks – Short stories for you to digest

– From The Bamboo – Everything that does not fit into a specific category. These can be arguments, articles, essays, opinions, complaints or just absolute randomness!

– Musicophilicia – All things music!

– Opinionation – Our reviews and opinions about anything and everything. 

Panda Cinema – Movies and popcorn

Simply, it’s a digest for you, an eraser of your boredom.

Happy Munching!

Note: We accept guest posts. To contact us, leave a message on our Facebook page. We are always looking for new and talented writers.


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